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About Holistic Health Partners

Holistic Health Partners is a one-of-a-kind integrated medical clinic dedicated to supporting your journey for optimal wellness.

We offer various complementary treatments for different medical conditions, such as auto-immune diseases, weight loss, fatigue, sleep and stress management, and pain.

Holistic Health Partners offer affordable consultations, discounted vitamins and supplements, and in-home diagnostic testing. With easy accessibility, you will have access to knowledge, the best products, and a personal client resource manager to help you along the way.

In addition, we strive to build a long-term relationship with you, not only as our client but also as your partner along your wellness journey.

About Our Founder

Carolyn Mulally founded Holistic Health Partners to better serve the integrated medical space by offering access to advise and products at a reasonable cost. She has served the complimentary health community for over 25 years. 

Her passion for helping others and continuous quest for knowledge makes her a valuable resource on the journey to achieving optimal wellness.