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Nattokinase 36mg 300sg

Nattokinase 36mg 300sg by Allergy Research Group

Nattokinase 36mg by Allergy Research Group provides purified and encapsulated nattokinase, an enzyme derived from boiled soybeans and a selected, patented strain of Bacillus subtilis natto. Nattokinase NSK-SD® was the first nattokinase introduced into the US market, and it has established standardization and quality levels for all nattokinase, with comprehensive safety studies and proven potency.

Allergy Research Group suggests taking 2 Nattokinase 36mg softgels three times daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. 

Serving Size:2 softgels
Servings Per Container:150

Amount Per Serving: 
Nattokinase NSK-SD® (1440 FU) 72 mg

Other ingredients:Soybean oil, gelatin, glycerin, soybean lecithin, glycerin fatty acid ester, beeswax.

Variations in product color may occur. Keep Nattokinase 36mg by Allergy Research Group in a cool, dry place, tightly capped.