Holistic Health Partners

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We believe that a healthy lifestyle is a key to happiness and success. We offer our customers a unique holistic approach to wellness with various affordable products and services designed to help you acheive the outcomes you are looking for.

Our dedicated team of holitic health advisors will help you find the right supplements and medical-grade vitamins to suit your needs through our clinic, Holistic Health Partners. Lead by our Medical Director, Carolyn Mulally, we'll provide you with the support, knowledge and guidance necessary to support your health goals.

Carolyn Mulally, Medical Director

At Holistic Health Partners, our primary mission is to support our client’s wellness goals by educating them on complementary and alternative health solutions available in today’s marketplace. We pride ourselves on being a valuable resource on vitamins and supplements to fill in nutritional gaps, restore balance and support healing.

Not sure where to start? Schedule your Complimentary Wellness Consultation where we'll learn about your health concerns, discuss your medical history and get a better understanding of your wellness goals to develop a protocol that works for you.


We partner with professional brands to offer our clients the best supplements. Many of these brands only allow their products to be sold through medically-licensed practices to ensure their consumers have access to knowledgeable information and proper guidance on taking their supplements. During this free appointment with our partner clinic, Holistic Health Partners, we will create your account and fill you in on the services provided to assist you in meeting your health goals.


Understanding the actual cause of your health issues is the first step to an effective wellness plan. At-Home Diagnostic Test Kits provide you with the insight you need to accomplish that. Our medical Advisors will walk you through the available options, explain the process, and follow up with you to explain the results once you receive them from our diagnostic test kit partners.


We take a holistic approach to accomplishing your wellness goals. We will discuss your concerns, lifestyle, family history, and current supplements through a personal wellness consultation to get to know you to create the best solution for your unique situation.


Clients who speak to our clinic will have access to Patient Pricing. This unique program can provide you up to 20% off your purchase.

The program will be explained in detail when you set up an initial appointment.