Patient First Care

Patient First Care

The mission of Vitaminscript is to allow our clients to speak with a licensed medical professional to answer any questions before they purchase their supplements. We understand that the vitamin marketplace is wrought with misunderstanding and fraud, creating confusion. Also, the very best science-based vitamins are not readily available, understood, or affordable.

Some questions you might be asking yourself:

  • What vitamins and supplements are best for stomach issues like IBS or Crones?
  • Should I be taking fish oil? Vitamin D?
  • I am tired all the time. Would any vitamins or supplements help me?

Understanding what you are taking or, better yet, why you are taking specific vitamins or supplements is critical in finding the best path to optimal wellness.

Vitaminscript was born out of this belief.

Founded by Holistic Health Partners in 2019, Vitaminscript was just an online store for clients and patients to have an easy way to purchase and receive their vitamins and supplements. In 2021 we launched our new concierge service as a way for specific clients to have guaranteed access to clinic personnel. Concierge is for those on a particular wellness journey, such as an autoimmune disease, weight loss, sleep issues, or stress management to counteract health decline, or who are looking for ongoing guidance and advice on living their healthiest life.

Our free service comes with a complimentary consultation to discuss what you are taking or ask about specific health concerns.

Both programs qualify for patient pricing, so please inquire about that when you reach out to us.

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